Your home away from home

LinariVillas was built to offer guests a wonderful experience away from home. These stone houses are built in such a way that guests feel happy, calm and refreshed until the end of their vacation. Just 50 steps from the beach of Stoupa and 250m. from the beach of Kalogria, these houses have all the amenities for the stay, with stunning views. Service and simplicity are our priority. From the first moment you arrive at our stone houses, you feel the warmth, the hospitality along with the luxury of LinariVillas. Make your reservation today.

What does Linari mean?

Flax is a blue plant grown in the area of Stoupa. When dried, its fibers are used to make the so-called “Stupi”, from which the Stupa got its name. For a long time, it was a source of income for the locals. Flax, however, is best known for the production of Flaxseed, with all its beneficial properties.