Traditions set in stone, from mountain to sea

A hideaway where nature and man meet in harmony, but ssssh… don’t tell a soul

Picture this scene from a film: A road snakes along a sheer cliff side, above peacock-blue bays, dark cypresses and a sea of olive trees in the heart of the Peloponnese. On one side of the horizon is the placid Gulf of Messinia, on the other, the looming presence of Mt Taygetos. Between them the scene of sturdy-looking stone houses, built to last, is softened by the fertile soil at their base.

This used to be a destination for the chosen few – the diamond of Messinian Mani. But its contrasts have captured the hearts of many visitors, and they keep coming back for more. To get to know it like they do, visit the old fortress town, take a dip at Ritsa beach, spend your nights in one of the many delightful boutique hotels, have a meal at famous tavernas and chill out at some of the sophisticated little bars. By then you’ll be hooked and you’ll never forget Kardamyli.